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Maine’s IRS Problem Solvers, Helping Individuals and Businesses Navigate Tax Challenges with Confidence

At Beacon Tax Advocates, we are a team of experienced tax resolution professionals, committed to providing expert guidance to individuals and businesses facing tax challenges. We understand how stressful and overwhelming tax issues can be. That’s why we have dedicated our careers to assisting clients navigate these complex IRS tax matters with ease and confidence.

Our Founder & Tax Attorney

James D. Wade

Born and raised in Maine, James D. Wade began his professional journey as a tax accountant and then Certified Public Accountant (CPA). During his early career, he helped individuals and small businesses with their tax planning and preparation needs. It was during this time that he recognized the frequent emergence of complicated tax issues for clients with unpaid taxes or who faced an IRS audit.

Motivated by a desire to offer comprehensive advice to his tax clients, James decided to enhance his expertise in 2010 by enrolling in the University of Maine School of Law. Focusing his studies on tax and business law, he sought to provide 360-degree guidance on complex financial matters and businesses.
In 2013, James opened the Law Office of James D. Wade, where he offered a range of legal services. Over time, however, he was asked to assist taxpayers facing an IRS tax issue. Realizing that almost no one in Maine offered these services, he focused his practice on handling complicated IRS tax problems. Now Mainers have a way to resolve their tax problems without being forced to hire out of state resolution firms, who may not have their best interests at heart. Today, Beacon Tax Advocates continues this mission, with James leading the way.

In his own words, James says, Good advice about resolving a Federal tax issue is hard to come by. My goal is to be a trusted advocate for you, helping you realize the best possible outcome with the IRS, no matter your circumstance.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, James is a proud veteran. In 1992, nine days after graduating high school, he went to Parris Island to serve in the United States Marine Corps for four years. After his stint in the US Marines, he went on to serve in the National Guard, including a tour in Iraq, where he led a security detachment as a 1st Lieutenant.

While James is proud of his military service, he is most proud of his son, Sam. He is a constant reminder of what is important in life and of his beloved mother, Katrina, who passed away after a brief but fierce fight with cancer. When not working on complex IRS problems he enjoys spending time with his son or hiking local trails.

Our Commitment

At Beacon Tax Advocates, we are driven by our commitment to our clients. We strive to offer clear, transparent, and actionable advice that empowers you to overcome your tax issues and plan for a secure financial future.

Whether you are dealing with IRS audits, back taxes, tax debt settlements, or tax planning and compliance, our team is here to help. Don’t let your IRS tax problems overshadow everything else in your life or business. Allow Beacon Tax Advocates to represent you and light the way to a clearer financial future. For a free IRS Tax Relief consultation, contact us today.

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